How to check the domain on employment and whois

How to check the domain of employment. Simply put how to check whois domain. The literal translation from English «who is» – «who is.“ That is, who is the owner of the domain.

By the way, why do we may need to check whether the domain is free? There are cases when we need it this domain, and it is occupied by some bad man (not to leave it to us!). But the thing is that we do not need another domain! Do not need and that’s it! And since it is urgently needed, it will have to take a check whether the domain or domain whois, owner of the domain (for whom it is registered) and then (maybe) we can agree with him on the sale.

If the domain occupied by cybersquatters (people earn by reselling domain), then the contract will not be difficult – the only question is the price, but if the domain is worth on your site, and even profitable, the owner of the domain will rest for a long time. Unless you ask Well, very good price. So that such domains sold. Just do not try to buy a domain

First of all, just type the name of the audited domain in the address bar. If your domain is worth on your site, check the whois domain and may not be required. Many sites or blogs often have information about the owner, contact information, and so on. Most often, this information can be found either in the „cap“ of the site or at the bottom. If so was unable to contact the owner, then the owner of the domain must be checked in another way.

Check the owner of the domain through the service whois: do it here and get around here the following information:

Of course, in this case, you can not achieve the desired result (ie check on someone registered the domain), since the information can be hidden. But often, e-mail or phone can receive and, consequently, to contact the owner of the domain.

Good luck to you in the verification domain.