Whois – service that gives information about the domain

In many cases, it may be viewing the actual data about the owner of the domain name. For these purposes the specialized services Whois (from Eng. – Who’s that?), Which provide the necessary information, but only that which the owner found it necessary to open. When you purchase a domain name and getting an account at the registrar in your account can all be configured accordingly.

This system is too centralized and systematized. Technically, it is implemented as a web-form, user-friendly and based on the possibility of access to databases of registrars. For example, for Goldbusinessnet.com domain information is available, if you type in the name field on the universal Whois-service:

As you can see here on the data logger when created domain, to what number it is valid, IP address, time of connection to the server, its version of PHP, etc. Thus it is possible to obtain information about any interest you domain.

Checking domain name on employment and buying

The most important condition for buying second-level domain is its uniqueness, that is, the name should not be employed in a particular area. For example, if Goldbusinessnet.com already busy, Goldbusinessnet.ru is quite right to exist. Check domain name on employment can be using a special form that is provided on each page of the registrar.

Here is an example with the above Webnames.ru, where the selection of CI can be done in three different ways. To do this, select from the top menu „Domains» → «Choose a domain name“ and go to a web page script search. Suppose we choose intelligent search free MDIs, which will find interesting name keyword-based search queries and analysis of various combinations of names:

Notice how rich choice, because you can look for and among the Cyrillic names, and among the names in the Latin alphabet and using combined option. In fact, the domain name is also very important in terms of SEO optimization and promotion of the project. After all, if the CI will maximally reflect the theme of life and in itself is a key word or phrase that you intend to untwist the site, it will only add whist.

So, we introduce the necessary COP specifies the character set, select the method of selection, tick the appropriate box if you want to use hyphens, and click the button „Search“ to check on the employment domain.

As you can see, a lot of options, but most of them are already occupied. Such CI marked with the following symbols: „N“ (not only CI busy, but still the information on it is closed), whois (can contemplate data). Icon and link „to cart“ means that the domain is free and you can buy. To see what domain names are intended for purchase, and to separate them from the rest, click on the link at the top right „Hide unavailable.“